A prison-style bar open in London where punters are “inmates”

Drinkers are always ready to try their favorite drinks in any way they can. No matter if they have to get to the starry names or the hustle and bustle by the side of the road, they manage to carve out their fun. Many bars have given free rein to their creativity. One of them took this service to another level. Alcotraz Cell Block Two One Two has created a brand with its prison environment and experience for its guests.

With the pandemic putting locks on all public spheres, drinkers must make their favorites and stand up to celebrate their time at home. Many of them remember their moments with their loved ones and want to catch up with them with vibrant cocktails on the board. To their delight, pandemic restrictions have been lowered to allow people to escape from their original cells. Setting the right notes for a sparkling head start, Alcotraz Cell Block Two One Two has opened its doors in a unique way.

Located in Shoreditch, London, it looks forward to welcoming its guests into its prison-like setting. It is distinguished in the field by its rooms taking cells. Preparing to give the impression of prison to his guests, he makes them wear orange jumpsuits. Then they move forward to join their companions as cell inmates. Well, the prison business doesn’t end there. Boozers can also experience the thrilling acts of prison. Unlike other bars, customers don’t get their favorite drinks on their table. They must make an effort to savor their share.

Maintaining the prison atmosphere, it does not offer a drink menu to its guests either. Bettors must get alcohol into their cells without being caught by the guards in the act. If they can end the smuggling frenzy, then they can get their cocktails. Their expert inmates are there to prepare their earned drink for them. Keeping the odds on their side, guards are always ready to help. Drink enthusiasts behind bars can expect to incorporate them into their smuggling scheme. Thus, one can enjoy his drink with a little thrill and pleasure on the platter. Creativity and wit become the norm and the trend to live an unforgettable experience at the bar.

Although the bar runs its business affairs in London, it took inspiring pieces from prison in America. There is a lot to collect and add to your cocktail box. Highlighting the unique experience bubbling in his sphere, he says: “Hidden behind unassuming shutters on London’s famous Brick Lane is Cell Block Two One Two, an underground secret prison made a little more bearable by making successfully pass alcohol in front of The Warden and offer it to the oldest inmates. Line up under the metal detector and be ready to enter the Deux Un Deux cell block! “

Taking into account the lack of a cocktail menu, he said: “You won’t find a fixed drink menu here – it’s prison after all! The star bar Brick Lane has thus created a new trend for others in the field. One can walk around the unique prison bar to let go of the exhausting vibes of the pandemic. Tickets await punters on its website.

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