Mom replaced husband with Jack Grealish in wedding photos and no one noticed

Mum Mairead Stevens, a 37-year-old who had apparently been obsessed with famous footballer Jack Grealish, had now made it obvious for the whole world to know her love for him when she replaced her husband’s wedding photo with her face image. But the funny thing is that her husband, Lee, was not aware of such a change. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t even notice this change for two long days with the pictures hanging on the walls in every corner of the house.

She shared her attempt to tickle the ribs on social media which drew almost everyone’s attention to Lee’s lack of observation to notice the sudden change of scenery. Without a doubt, the video has been viewed approximately 260,000 times and received over 27,000 likes on the Internet. It was indeed a hilarious cliché. But likes and views weren’t the only part of this video. Internet users had also filled the comments with their hysterical suggestions and reactions.

One guy couldn’t absorb the fact that her husband actually saw the transformation after two days, also after being told by his wife. He wondered how many days he would go without mentioning the photos. Another guy loved how disproportionate Jack’s face looked in the photos, but Lee couldn’t notice either. Another fun fact that made it clear that Lee needed to work on his observation skills was when Mom added that their two children, Maggie and James, who were apparently seven and four, could also understand the change before Lee.

After knowing all of this, a woman had nothing to ask but was just anxious to question mom for marrying this guy, which again was so hilarious. In the video mom posted, Lee himself was completely stunned after learning about his non-attentive skills. In this situation, he began to move around the house, making jokes about his neglect. And luckily, he found his wife’s efforts humorous. Hopefully all that can be said is that now Lee has to be very careful before he encounters another capricious change in the house made by his wife and re-enroll in trolling.

Still, it wasn’t the juxtaposition that racked up so many views and garnered all the attention, but it was her husband’s belated response to this realization that made it even more hilarious to watch. It could happen with any other couple too. Ergo, all husbands should try to pay more attention to their wedding photos.

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