The rapper went to extremes for his latest extreme horror look

Not only that, but it just got its extreme modification. The 41-year-old from São Paulo, Brazil now has pieces of flesh stripped between the corners of his mouth and ears. The change, known as Glasgow’s smile, was made in the same way as his previous scar 666 – at the sharp end of the blade.

He discovered his interest in self-transformation in 1996 and said he had absolutely no regrets. The incision was made with a scalpel and the skin was removed in the desired shape. The healing was done with a relief on the skin emphasizing the shape.

He said the scarification of the 666 left him with a throbbing head every time he took a shower and the hot water ran out. It took almost 40 minutes to do it. Its new scarification was influenced by the Japanese legend of Kuchisake-onna. It was the woman with the cut mouth.

In Japanese mythology, Kuchisake-onna was an evil spirit whose mouth was cut from ear to ear. She was so cruel that every time she asked her victim if she was beautiful and said no, she killed them. And if they were okay with her, she would cut them off to look like her.

But Renato’s appearance wasn’t meant to be scary. He said some women had a soft spot for his changes and were full of respect, but some women had a kind of hate. He went on to say that there were still a lot of misconceptions even in the tattoo world and people with commercial or trendy tattoos sometimes fear his changes, but that didn’t. affected.

He believed that people’s reaction also depended on their age. The children liked him very much and saw him as a superhero. They often ask him about the making of the implants and also about his eyes. The older ones were more reluctant to accept the changes because they were from another time and used to other traditions.

In total, he calculated that he spent around $ 10,000 to £ 7,270 to transform his appearance. Coming from a religious country, however, his efforts are not always recognized. He said he sometimes received hurtful messages on the Internet. They were usually from Christians saying he would go to hell and promoting hate speech. But that no longer bothered him.

666 was a dissent against the church and the system that required everyone to convert to Christianity in one way or another. He felt like a demon as enemies said he wanted to show that the world was not just for Christians but for everyone who lived in it, regardless of creed, color, race and gender.

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