93-year-old former taxi driver played racing games on YouTube during lockdown

Videos were posted on YouTube by the grandson of the 93-year-old where the young man at heart can be seen trying his hand at games. And this Japanese grandfather is just a pro of classic racing simulation games.

The 93-year-old gasoline chef had owned all kinds of classic Japanese models over the years. He sold his Mazda Savannah RX7 20 years ago and his grandson installed it on a virtual version of the same car when he first used the racing game. And this Japanese grandfather didn’t limit himself to just one car.

Kotaku dabbles in all kinds of cars. He’s taken a whole slew of classic sports cars, from Lamborghinis and Ferraris, to iconic national models like the Nissan GTR. There is no doubt that he is having the best time of his life.

Someone who has driven their whole life is probably the happiest. According to his grandson, Kotaku, his grandfather used to make ends meet by driving a taxi through the streets of Tokyo. He later drove a garbage truck on the same streets for twenty years until his retirement.

After realizing that his grandfather was enjoying his new hobby, the grandson gave him a new and improved setup. The new setup is with a giant flat screen monitor. The new screen has now replaced the old laptop the 93-year-old was using. And he’s happy with all the updates and new gadgets.

And the 93-year-old’s videos on YouTube are a big hit. Her grandson gets loads of massages every day for more content. People want more videos of grandpa playing video games and enjoying his life. You can also read some incredible comments / Some comments say, “This man is my role model!” I want to be like this when I’m this old. Another read: “You can never be too old to enjoy video games. “

Now even companies have started to approach the old man with their new products, from neck cushions to all the latest gadgets. It looks like the old man can make some money from his new hobby and continue his new hobby with some comfy neck cushions.

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