Man waiting to return rental car ends up answering calls from staff

In a viral TikTok video, he was seen reaching out to the front desk and picking up the phone, taking the call seriously and trying to help the customer on the other end of the phone. The person on the other side of the line said he had been waiting for 15 minutes to return a car. Deric was humble enough to step in after witnessing the lack of response from company staff and answered the call.

Deric, who is from the United States, then asks an employee across the room if he had any minibuses to rent that day, according to the customer’s request. The employee was overheard off-screen responding that there were not enough minivans. Deric gave the note to the customer over the phone, who then inquired about leasing SUVs or other midsize vehicles. Deric inquired about the stock again, and the staff then checked for the customer.


Deric mentioned to the guy on the phone that he didn’t work for the company while the employee was checking midsize vehicles. He said how hilarious it was not even working here, but answered the call after it had been ringing for 10 minutes. According to Deric, there was no one to attend the call except for one guy who was behind the desk. So, Deric decided to take the call and put this man to work who intersected the customer’s availability on the phone.

A senior executive entered the scene while Deric was on the phone and asked him who he was and why he was on the company phone. To this Deric replied that he was a customer who went to return a car. At this point, the video ended abruptly, leaving TikTok’s 20 million users eager to find out what happened next. Deric prefaced with a follow-up that the supervisor was not happy. When the big boss walked in, he was furious, Deric explained. Deric also mentioned that he has the tape and will broadcast the rest. When he told the supervisor he was a customer, the senior clerk asked, “And you answered my phone?” “


Deric calmly replied that he was just trying to help. However, he ended the call because he believed in solid customer service. He also resolved all of the customer’s queries. On the other hand, he was worried about the fees he would be charged due to the hail damage to the rental car. He realized that it was a big mistake to answer the phone. Probably he was going to be fined $ 2,000.

Deric’s original video received over four million views, with one commentator saying, “My brother doesn’t even know who his colleagues are.” “Employee of the month brother !!!” exclaimed another. It was a pretty hilarious video.

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