Parents Surprise Neighbors With A Note And A Gift From Their “Cranky” Newborn

A couple is always so thrilled when they become parents. Although mentioned above, raising a child can be quite laborious. Society holds parents accountable for every action of their child, whether good or bad. And, one could still influence a toddler or a school child. But controlling the actions of a newborn would be insurmountable. As a result, a couple sent a note of apology to their neighbors on behalf of their baby. For the unpleasant noises they might hear as their newborn baby can be a little cranky sometimes.

The note sounded quite intriguing since it sounded like the baby had written it. A couple of things were mentioned in the note. He said the baby was only 6 weeks old and was affectionately called a “peanut” by his parents. Even chocolates and earplugs were sent with the note. The neighbors were shocked to see the note and recognized the gesture of the baby’s parents. In one of her interviews, their neighbor said she had not been bothered by the baby so far.


She clicked on the image of the note, chocolates and earplugs and posted it on one of her social media accounts. She also shared on her social media that she wanted to return the gesture but couldn’t decide what to get them. His post received countless likes and comments. People liked the thoughtfulness of parents and appreciated their generous attitude towards their neighbors. And she received a lot of suggestions, on how she could make the kind gesture shown by the baby’s family. Someone commented on the post saying they can send them flowers with a congratulatory note. Another said she could write them a thank you note. Another person suggested that she send them a home cooked meal.

If everyone were to be as considerate and sensitive as the baby’s parent, then this world would be a kinder, happier place to live. People should try to love each other. If every individual living on this planet develops an empathetic approach to life, then it could solve many people’s problems. Often people preach to be understanding and support each other, but they forget to practice it themselves. Humanity should surely practice what it preaches.

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