Woman praised for plotting smart trap to get revenge on lunchbox thief

There is an implicit moral rule not to steal other people’s food, no matter how desperate someone may be. This woman has shown how intolerable it is to steal someone else’s lunchbox using an old trick. The savagery of this revenge testified to the bad idea of ​​robbing a colleague and the possible embarrassing consequences that could entail. The pettiness of the woman’s revenge trap was so articulate that it tickled the funny bones of several people who read about it.

A man, a Twitter user, took him online to explain how his mother took revenge on a cheeky coworker who often sneakily stole her lunch. She brought a carton of raw eggs that she usually stored and cooked at the office in case she got hungry. Noticing that her box was missing, she quickly understood and planned to take revenge on the thief through a genie trap. She posted a smart note, the photo of which was shared by her son on Twitter.


She began the notice by drawing attention as if the situation was alarming. She wrote: “ATTENTION ATTENTION !!!!!” Following this, she concocted a fictional story to scare off the would-be thief a bit more. She mentioned that the eggs were not normal and actually came from a rare bird in Africa. Jokingly, she also added to get in touch to receive an antidote for the same. Its hilarious rating left Internet users in pure hysteria. The post has accumulated over 190,000 likes.

His letter was as follows: “To whom it may concern: I had a carton of eggs in the refrigerator and there are no more!” Anyone who has taken these eggs, in case someone has eaten them by mistake, they should contact to receive an antidote, be aware that these eggs are not chicken eggs and are not intended for consumption. Finally, she ended the note by mentioning that these were rare African bird eggs and a teasing “thank you” with her name signed.

No wonder his master worked and the potential suspect showed concern for his own health, hysterically asking for an antidote thinking he might die. He confessed to his crime and agreed to compensate it fairly. The internet community had a blast following this story and left little bits of their minds in the comments. One user commented that there was something oddly satisfying and “beautiful” about this little revenge story.

Other users criticized the sneaky colleague and said they were in disbelief. They couldn’t figure out how someone can just randomly pick someone else’s food out of a working refrigerator. They described him as smug and arrogant. Obviously, people weren’t a big fan of what this coworker did to his coworker.

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