Couple remodeled unspoiled home for 30 years in six weeks

The couple bought their potential home in Rugby, Warwickshire in the spring of 2018 to make a better living for their daughters, Amelia, 12, and Lena, 9. Ewelina remembers the house in need of a complete makeover as they only had six weeks to move out. in. Their efforts added a whopping £ 45,000 to the property’s value. A health assistant by profession, Ewelina was quick to notice the inhospitable state of the house. During the initial makeover phase, Ewelina’s helping hands were her daughters.

The couple made a sincere effort to renovate the house from top to bottom. Contemporary touches have been imposed in every nook and cranny of the house, starting with the renovation of a vintage blue bathroom to expanding the space around the kitchen, to facilitate new technologies. for the comfort of family members. Adding neutral colors with cool undertones like teal, beige, and pastels was like a breath of fresh air. These seemingly humble interior touches transformed the larger image of their home into a chic one.


The technical details of the house were made possible because the basic piping and wiring layout were well arranged. As a result, the floors could be updated by removing outdated carpet and old wallpaper and replacing them with something more chic. A wooden parquet was laid, which gave a dense and finished look to the house. Bathroom fixtures, linoleum flooring as well as the costs of plastering and repainting the whole house have been capped at £ 18,000. The tedious work of repainting and additional fittings was carried out jointly by the couple.


This included £ 5,300 on new windows and a front door, £ 2,200 on a boiler and £ 3,000 on an IKEA kitchen. For the past 3 years, the unrecognizable house has been home to their loving family who have also gone to great lengths for furnishings and finishing touches. Ewelina has whipped up Facebook for cost-effective home accessories like a dining table rattan chair and master bed. Przemyslaw even made a cute DIY coffee table using wooden pallets by following a YouTube tutorial. The subtle use of colors like sour cream completely changed the look of the bathroom and the walls.

The dividing wall between the dining room and the kitchen was knocked down to rehabilitate the open living space. This feature was enabled with a beautiful video wall behind the dining table. Ewelina has invested in quality products to improve the quality of kitchen appliances. She brought gray units, frames and necessary appliances from her Homesense bias store. They personalized the rooms according to their personal preferences. The master bedroom has been painted in teal blue. As for their daughters Lena and Amelia, the bedrooms were adorned in pale pink with unicorn trinkets and pink flowers, respectively.

Ewelina, 36, feels overwhelmed with pride and joy as she thinks the finale is exquisite. She feels emotional as it was their first home and everything seemed perfect due to the amount of diligent effort her family put in.

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