Guy threw a Sports Direct themed birthday party for his 21st birthday

A birthday is the most memorable day in the life of every individual. It is much more than receiving gifts from loved ones. It is a chance to remember the day a major event happened, to celebrate and give thanks and to reflect on how we are fulfilling our calling. The day should be celebrated as a memorable day that could be cherished for a lifetime. They say when it comes to birthdays you either go everywhere or just sit back and relax for the day!

A boy named Lewis Jones, who worked as a vehicle test engineer, turned 21 this year. He celebrated his 21st birthday with a bang! He had already made incredible plans for his day. However, due to the lockdown situation, the party had to be postponed. He threw a Sports-Direct-themed birthday party and his six closest friends were invited. The entire group was from Stratford Upon Avon. He and his friends wanted his birthday to be memorable and they had it all planned out beforehand.

Lewis and six companions – Woody, Ethan, Kody, Beeson, Smithers and Sam decided to visit a local bar like no one before. They fixed the place as a local bar which was named The King’s Head. Depending on the theme, they all walked into a bar in sportswear. They were dressed in their Sports Direct outfit. As funny as it sounds, they even looked horrible and received weird stares. No one would ever hear or see people walking into bars in sports gear! It was a crazy idea!

Most of her friends didn’t spend a lot on their outfits. They kept things as cheap as possible. They were able to get their outfits for less than $ 20. But there is always at least one person in the group who goes everywhere! It was Sam. He spent over $ 80 to throw his Lewis outfit’s birthday party. He bought a referee / captain outfit which obviously got all the attention. Another friend Beeson, mismatched items for his outfit and that too was eye-catching.

Explaining more about his day, Lewis said their day started with a drink at the bar. Later that day they ended up having a barbecue with drinks. The theme was taken so seriously that Lewis provided everyone with Sports-Direct mugs and no one was allowed to drink another mug. These have been changed with each of their names printed on them. Everything was perfect ! Additionally, they also played Sports Direct themed games. These included Sports Direct cards and sports equipment.

Lewis concluded by saying it was his best birthday yet and certainly an unforgettable memory. He had a great time because everything went very well. The group expressed that all birthdays should be themed from now on and Lewis can’t wait until his 23rd birthday!

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