Barista shared his ninja flirting technique with customers, but it creates controversy

While shopping for your favorite coffee, have you ever felt a different vibe or a breeze of affection from your barista? If so, and you don’t know if he was flirting or not? Don’t worry, this specific solution given below will help you better judge the situation. Taking the coffee from their hands, was there a slight touch of feather and a smile that was wider than needed? Still not sure you can perceive the signals and interpret them correctly?

There is an employee of this famous coffee chain who claims that there is an easy way to interpret the above mentioned signals and correctly judge the situation if there is flirtatiousness. A 23-year-old Tik-Tok user named @boybellers, who works as a barista, gave a detailed description in a video, where he says special attention should be given to your cup of coffee when you leave the cafe.

In the video, he said: “If you’re wondering if your barista is flirting with you, here’s how to find out.”

Additionally, in the video he was seen showcasing a standard Starbucks mug, with the checkboxes printed on it for milk, syrup, number of shots, and more. re about to enjoy is extremely hot ”. Continuing with the explanation, he says that if the barista finds you attractive or likeable, they can remove some of the text printed on the mug to bring out the new readable “Watch out, you are extremely sexy” line.


He completes it by saying, “Check your mugs guys. The video has become one of the most viewed content online with a million views and is available online with the caption “Top tip from your favorite barista”.

The comment section of the video was inundated with many people and one comment read “I DO THIS TO CUSTOMERS!” The same has happened with customers where another person said, “My barista always does this to me.” The comments section was filled with mixed reactions where some customers expressed sadness about ordering iced coffees as they could not receive such messages. While some other customers have pointed out that staff performing such activities might be a problem for them.

“I would really suggest not to do that,” was another point of view. “Because if they burn themselves from the drink, they can technically sue because the warning has been covered.” Another said: “Imagine being burned by the coffee and then being able to sue because they crossed out the warning. After a while, Bellers assured him that this kind of activity had never been done by him, but he had observed other baristas doing it.

This Bellers video is viral and had different points of view. This content can be funny to some people and possibly offensive to others. Not all online content is to everyone’s liking. The intention of creating this video was unclear but could be seen as an added fun fact.