Woman Turns Her Home Into A 1940s Home Replica

She began to furnish the interior with decor from another era, such as patterned wallpaper, antique appliances and vintage furniture. The kitchen includes black and white tiling, a whistling kettle, exposed beams and an open pantry. Somewhere in the house was a working rotary telephone and an extraordinary oak cupboard.

Hannah, obsessed with vintage, first bought a 1940s gas stove on eBay and gradually transformed the house according to the theme, saying her wartime curiosity was aroused when her grandparents had familiarized her with the fashion, cinema, and TV of the time.

His grandparents gave him some of the furniture that was now part of the house. Hannah said that despite owning a television; she planned to continue stripping the house instead of turning to modern technology. She also said that she has always been intrigued by vintage things and has received many remarks that she is a young person who behaves like an older person with more experience.

When she and her mother moved into the house it was completely different from what it was now and they wanted to discover its potential. It was her mother’s first purchase because she always rented houses, so she wanted to make it even more special.

The theme really started to take off when they set up the kitchen in a 40’s style and they loved it so much that she decided to devote their entire home to this theme.


The finishing touch to the kitchen was the beautiful 1940s gas stove. It worked like an absolute dream and motivated them to live a modest life. The house was kind of like a tribute to her grandfather, born in 1936. He was an important part of her life and really interested her in the 1940s era when she was a child. She was in love with his droplets of wisdom.

She even said that her grandfather’s taste for vintage and eccentric fashion inspired her to dress in a special way. She felt her home was an adoption center for vintage things but still loved it without a doubt. She was also aware that not everyone would be mesmerized by their choice of home as it was such a huge niche.

After the kitchen was rebuilt, they got out of the painting a bit and collected different items such as a 40-year-old can opener, vintage wallpaper, and old paintings. The gas stove in the house was very useful when the electricity was cut in their street as it was possible for them to cook dinner.

When you visit someone’s home, you don’t expect every room to have a vintage touch. His family thinks the house was very innovative and looked like a time capsule. Everyone loved coming and playing a bit old fashioned for a while.

Hannah added that when they bought the house from an old family friend, everything was rather beige and in need of an overhaul that has lost its charm. The renovations laid bare the original parquet floor and staircase, ironically bringing it back to life.