Cheeky influencer tries to get free lunch but ends up at the police station

The guy brazenly took advantage of his profession to get freebies at a restaurant, but was then hilariously tricked by the chef at that same restaurant who lured him into scavenging the restaurant’s food by directing him more to the nearby police station. Apparently, the restaurant received a message from the influencer on social media asking them to provide him with five takeaways that were supposed to be free and in return he would advertise their food on his social media platform. who claimed to have a lot of followers.

He even suggested to the chef that once their ad was ready he would even add some of his photos to his profile. All this conversation was done from the ‘four legs’ profile of the restaurant and was now shared on social networks to reveal the daring of the influencer on such a case. And because the guy asked the restaurant for five of their meals, they wanted him to post more photos of their food rather than just one or two.


The leader made the conversation so real that even the influencer couldn’t fathom he was engaging in a real issue. But anyway, when the guy tried to contact the restaurant to find out their location, he was hilariously misled. It was led by the chef through messages. Once past Sainsbury’s he could see a police station and the restaurant was not even in sight. Yet he was aware of the fact that he was being tricked and that he was certainly not going to get a free meal.


In no time at all, the chef led him in the direction of the police station and therefore asked him to be denounced for “crimes against the hotel industry”. Knowing that he was in fact blown away, the guy would have been definitely stunned and regretted for his act knowing that his plan to acquire gifts had turned into a fiasco. On the other hand, the chef’s nastiness was so appreciated that the story racked up nearly thousands of likes on social media.

Even Marina O’Loughlin, a food critic, was in awe of how he handled the random cheeky influencer through his mischievous act. Thanks to him, such influencers will no longer be able to get any kind of gifts, even if they claim to have millions of subscribers on their social networks!