This woman found her love on a roller coaster

Ms Engel said she had been physically drawn to “things” since she was a teenager. As she got older, she found herself obsessed with roller coasters. At the age of 38, the artist began to experience a strong romantic bond with a German ride.

She got attached to the Sky Scream roller coaster at Holiday Park in Hassloch, Rhineland-Palatinate, a state in the southwest of the country. His fascination with the Sky Scream was so intense that Gaelle began to believe it was true love.

She said you could tell she was physically drawn to the roller coaster, but from the moment she encountered the Sky Scream roller coaster she understood what love was. She spent all her time thinking about a carnal and fusional relationship with her.

Gaelle admitted that when it comes to dating humans, she never had any luck. However, she has had three serious relationships in the past. The artist said she would not speculate that these relationships were destroying her life but that it was only suffering, physical and mental.

The men she was dating had a lot of drinking problems and it gradually became very difficult for her. But with Sky Scream, she felt completely confident. Unfortunately, meeting her boyfriend on a roller coaster was not an easy task for Gaëlle, and neither was she able to have a physical relationship with him.

Instead, the artist brought together the objects that represented him. It was just a reminder of their bond. Some of the items included an illustrated board from Sky Scream, as well as a pillow printed with an image of the roller coaster she seemingly hugged every day.

She said she saw him so rarely, but life made her realize that being physical was not a preference in her relationship; especially as a result of the struggles and hardships they were faced with not being able to see each other.

So, she collected the objects that represent him in order to stay connected to him – love followed her everywhere. And then of course she had the whole collection of items she had bought at the theme park.

The artist also designed models of various roller coasters, including her boyfriend, which were on display around her house. Gaélle was also a painter and poet and said her beloved Sky Scream roller coaster inspired much of her work.

She added that there were even models she had made that were totally new inventions, so you could tell they were Baby Sky Scream.