Woman grew her hair to 6 feet long and now she’s a real Rapunzel

Thirty years of hard work brought a woman the result she expected and made her the real Rapunzel. Alena Kravchenko, a business owner from Odessa, Ukraine, waited patiently for her hair to be long, and eventually her efforts paid off. Her mom once told her how good it is for a woman to have long hair and she was inspired to be the one her mom told her.

Now 35-year-old Alena has secured the award she had worked for since she was five. While taking care of her 1.98m long natural hair is no easy task, the miseries due to her long hair are still few and can be overlooked due to the ecstasy and caring that she takes. she receives. Her hair care routine involves washing it once a week for half an hour and she also avoids combing her hair when it is wet to keep it from getting damaged. Plus, she finds drying hair naturally better than applying heat.

Her gorgeous hair has helped her rack up over 57,000 followers on her Instagram account, @alenuwka_longhair. She had her hair cut at the age of five and that’s when she decided to stop going to a hairdresser. His mother told him that women should have long hair and that thought alone has been an influence in focusing on his goal for three decades. She also has some tips for women to get gorgeous hair like her.

“So that the volume of my hair is long and well-groomed, I take great care in my hair care. I use natural masks, a selection of professional cosmetics, rinse my hair with herbs and regularly massage my head, ”explains Alena. Now her hair has grown past her size and that is what Alena has been waiting for. It’s easy for her to be different from the crowd and being compared to a princess makes her feel honored.

She is now well known in the city and her hair is still adored for its length and rare golden color. People are amazed to perceive that Alena’s hair is real and even want to take pictures with her. People react positively more often. She adds: “There are no particular downsides to having hair this long, but if I let go of my hair, I step on it, it’s the only uncomfortable moment. I try to wear my hair in a high ponytail so that the hair doesn’t touch the floor.

She admits that desire and inspiration are the two things that have helped her grow over time and that any woman can achieve the same results if she has such a strong will. It also shows us that savoring the fruit of success would be better in a few years and not in months.