Woman turns kitchen into just £ 170 with no DIY experience

A wife and mother of two, Laura Baxter, decided to transform her kitchen on her own even after lacking in professional skills. The kitchen of her dreams cost around £ 7,000, but she managed to get a makeover on a strict budget of £ 170.

Laura confessed that cooking was her very first DIY project. She admitted that this makeover was possible thanks to her 33-year-old husband, the Cameroonian. She even said that her 6-year-old, Robin, and her 3-year-old, Rose, had been very helpful during the transformation.

The family had plenty of time on their hands due to the lockdown. So Laura motivated them to be imaginative. She said they moved into their house four years ago, but the previous residents had been living in the house since 2008. Thus, the kitchen had not been changed for 12 years.


Laura felt that the kitchen was too dark as it only had one small window and the worktop was also black. Even the kitchen floor was black. She said the kitchen items were dull and boring. This did not reflect the personality of the couple as they liked the bright interiors and the original design.

After searching online for devices, Laura was shocked to learn that the transformation would cost her £ 7,000. Not ready to give up, Laura decided to take the project in hand. She also asked her husband to help her.

In May 2020, Laura couldn’t find the painting she wanted. Luckily, she had leftover white garage paint. She painted the countertop with this paint because it was tough and thick. Their countertop had a glossy finish. She then began to work on the black floor. She decided to paint it also white but with a gray pattern on it. She used stencils for the pattern. She revealed that using stencils was a tedious task as she could only do one tile at a time.


Laura urged her children to help scrub the kitchen cupboard doors with sugar. She said the children were always ready to help. They primed the doors with a cheap Wilko underlay, then painted them blue. They replaced the handles with inexpensive handles bought from Amazon.

Laura explained that the old handles had two holes while the new ones only needed one. So they had to fill them in and paint them. She repainted the walls that had her children’s handprints on them.

After two weeks of hard work, the makeover was finally over. Laura said that this task was very therapeutic and that she had her “time for me”. She felt really happy because the kitchen looked bigger and brighter after the transformation.