Woman received calls from Chewbacca Roar after her ex published her number in revenge

Breakups take on the darkest phase these days, with broken souls adopting savage means of retaliating against their ex-partners. Sometimes the fire of vengeance takes the ugliest form and lands the souls involved in the slush. Not only that, things also come down to break down the security walls. A woman named Jessica saw the dark side with her phone ringing with the wild roars.

Jessica believed her life had seen the light of lasting love when she met the man. She was close to him for more than three years. Then, one day, she took to his Facebook account to find him chatting with another woman. The discovery cast shadows on their relationship. The differences widened, causing them to separate. They moved away from each other to rebuild their lives.

The mother of three had thought it was the end of her three-year relationship with him. To her dismay, she misunderstood him. Her ex-boyfriend wasn’t in the mood to let this go. He girded the kidney in revenge. Taking the extreme measure, he printed the poster claiming to award $ 100 to the one with the best Chewbacca roar from Star Wars.

Incorporating his revenge pieces, he put Jessica’s number on the poster. Then he toured Cairns in North Queensland to put up the posters. He envisioned the infamous to get him in trouble.

To his delight, it worked and people dialed the number. Jessica quickly received the wave of bubbling roars from Chewbacca lashing her phone. The roars echoed in his ears. At first she thought it was funny. But soon it started to get worse with calls raining at odd hours of the day. To stop this, she called on the competitors to refrain from calling at 1 a.m.

Not only that, the midnight roars began to reduce the sleep happiness of its little nuggets. She thus began to see the worst of the farce.

Her ex-boyfriend didn’t stop there. One day, he left his car in front of his gangway without tires to confine her to her home. The woman had to call the police for help.

Taking her breakup, she shared, “This has to be the most childish breakup I’ve ever had. All he had to do was say “I don’t love you anymore, I want to move on”.

Shedding light on the roars, she said: “I thought it was pretty funny actually, I thought it was a good joke”. Someone even took it for a fake. She shared, “Someone called and said he thought it could have been done as a joke because he saw (a man) put up the poster. It hurts me “.

Going after her ex-boyfriend, she shared, “I thought when we first met he was mature, but it just shows that having a job doesn’t mean you’re mature.”

Well, the prank wasn’t null and void for Jessica. Taking her plans, she shared, “If there’s anyone out there who can make the real Chewbacca sound, I could marry you.”