Woman organized her own funeral and forced her friends to cry

Family and friends are often devastated when they have to attend the funerals of their loved ones. They are truly missing and pray for the deceased from the bottom of their hearts. But everyone who attended Myra Alonzo’s funeral had pretended to cry. Mayra wanted to know what it was like to be dead, which is why she changed the age-old practice of holding funerals. She organized a funeral for herself. Not only did she organize it, but she also made her family and friends attend so that it could look more real.

Everything at his funeral was similar to that of a real one. She put on a beautiful white dress and paired it with a cute tiara. She even lay in a rented coffin for hours. She took a step forward and stuffed her nostrils with cotton. Her family and friends did not disappoint her and even showed up at her mock funeral. Everyone she knew at the funeral had done their best to be overcome with emotion and have a face of mourning. They expressed their affection to her, prayed for her and wished her goodbye. She couldn’t see their expression because she had closed her eyes. Even though she was able to hear everything they were saying. Afterward, they all sat next to each other to eat and relished their memories with her.


The mock funeral cost Myra about $ 1,000. Since she also didn’t have to pay for a funeral, gravestone or casket. It was definitely a good deal for her, as a real funeral usually costs people a lot more. The mock funeral turned out to be a success and Myra was thrilled with its success. In one of her interviews, she said for herself, it was a dream come true. She shared her experience with everyone and said that none of her loved ones are expected to die anytime soon, as lying in a coffin was certainly uncomfortable and horrible.

His decision might seem bizarre to people, but it gave him a feeling of contentment and happiness. She was thrilled with everything she did and that was what mattered. She felt confident that everyone around her loved and valued her. Ultimately, an individual should believe and do what they think is best for them. They should never be disturbed by the opinions of others.