Woman met stranger online and became her bridesmaid on 2 days notice

Marriage is indeed an important part of someone’s life. They want everything to be perfect. Calling someone you just met is a bold move. Danielle Haley met the bride on Bumble BFF and was invited as a bridesmaid just two days before the wedding. She was excited about the invitation and gladly accepted the offer.

Danielle arrived in a new city to study and was ready to make new friends. She realized that she only had three friends from her school program. All of her friends were out of town for spring break and she was all alone in town. It was then that she decided to meet new people and make new friends. Therefore, she downloaded the app.

Soon after downloading the app, she started swiping the pictures and within minutes, she was matched with a woman who was a “bride-to-be” and was getting married just this week. After two days to be exact. The woman needed one more bridesmaid. While having the conversation about the wedding, she asked Danielle if she would be interested. Without thinking, Danielle accepted the offer.


Within days of posting the video, it reached over two million views. People were fascinated by the story and wanted to know more. Even Bumble commented on the video from his Tiktok account. Besides the views, Danielle got up to 70,000 followers after that. At the request of people, she decided to keep the crowd informed about the events of the wedding.

One day she was asking viewers to pick up the dress for the rehearsal dinner. On the wedding day, she posted the Q&A video to her account in which she asked questions of the bride and groom. One of those questions was the question everyone desperately wanted to ask. “Why did the bride ask a stranger to be her bridesmaid?” The bride answered the question in a witty manner.

The bride and groom were also new to town. They didn’t know anyone else either. They even believed that the couple usually don’t talk to wedding guests after the big day. So, it was convenient to call strangers to the wedding as they weren’t going to talk to them after the day anyway.

Every essential part of the wedding was chosen at random, from all the bridesmaids to the wedding photographer. Danielle was no exception as the bride met all the bridesmaids on Bumble BFF. This wedding was indeed one of a kind and it was very daring for the bride to make such a decision.

Although the bride said she was not going to speak to any of the strangers after the wedding, she and Danielle were in touch. The two continued to talk after the big day. In addition to the text, they even met frequently. It was indeed the beginning of a true friendship.