Woman gathered her fallen locks of hair to make a hair extension

A woman was able to make her own hair extension by collecting hair that had fallen out in the previous year. When the woman took her to Twitter, she easily managed to get a flood of responses and likes that topped 21 million views. The video was a documentary about her hair adventure and people were absolutely blown away. After knowing that a woman can lose 40 to 200 locks of hair per day, the woman estimated how much hair she could lose in a year.


The result shook and it turned out to be 36,600 strands of hair. After knowing this, the woman challenged herself to collect whatever strands of fallen hair she could find. She started the challenge 1 year ago and from there she was able to collect enough strands of hair to be able to make her own hair extension. Whenever she found or spotted a fallen hair, whether in the shower, on the floor, or on her clothes, she made sure to pick up those locks of hair and not overlook anything.

After accumulating the locks of hair, the woman kept them in a resealable plastic bag until they were too full to fill. Then, she glued the section of hair collected one by one on a strip of double-sided adhesive tape. The woman illustrated how to put the “DIY extensions” in a ponytail. However, the process turned out to be quite difficult as the ribbon on the ponytail weighed down the hair. After the video was posted, emotions were mixed among people.


For some people, it was difficult to understand why she was picking up the hair. On the other hand, there were people who were completely stunned and maybe they were convinced to try it for themselves. People’s comments varied from person to person and one confusedly commented on the use of such an extension. The other reviewer found it useful and considered donating it to someone in the future.

The other commented mockingly, asking people to tell them that they found the video monotonous without actually telling him they were bored. And finally, the fourth asked the lady to make a wig instead.