Wife takes revenge for cheating on boyfriend in hotel room setup

The woman named Jade took him to Twitter where she revealed how she managed to catch her “cheating” boyfriend. The woman said she has been with her boyfriend for a year and a half and things have gone badly for the past few months. She accepted that the two barely spoke to each other and that he was sleeping on the sofa. The woman then started to notice that he was texting the same number quite frequently. His behavior continued for about a month when the woman realized he was texting his ex-girlfriend.

The woman then decided to check her honesty. She hatched a plan with her best friend where she asked Hayley to text her and see if he was interested in her. Unfortunately, the man had fallen into the trap and ended up deciding to catch up with Hayley. He was desperate to meet her, even going so far as to book a hotel room for the two of them. The incident took a turn when the man was met by Jade’s father and not Hayley.

The man expected to see Hayley but to his shock he was greeted by Jade’s father. The video has been viewed over 660,000 times where Jade’s father was seen knocking on the hotel room door. He had his eyes wide open and was considered her ex-boyfriend. The woman’s father then introduced himself as Hayley to the man. And to that, Jade added that she was his ex-girlfriend. Jade’s father then told the man that he would not be returning home. The father then told the man that there was no Hayley.

The man had ruined everything. After posting it on social networks, the video went viral where it received 100,000 likes and 3,000 comments from viewers. Commentators and viewers alike were in awe of Jade’s father who remained loyal to his daughter. One of the commentators said he loved his father and that she was Hayley. The second commentator said that Jade’s father was much more respectful and humble towards the man. He congratulated Jade’s father. While a third mockingly admitted that his father would have hit him on the spot, the door opened.

Another commentator yearned to have that kind of connection with their father.