Wife gets her unfaithful ex back by posting wild ad

How do you want someone to react after being abandoned by their partner who cheated on them? Well, there would be a raging environment and anger flooding in. This woman didn’t feel any different when her ex-boyfriend cheated on her and left.

She couldn’t tolerate anything related to him and had to get rid of all her things. It was then that she hatched a plan to get revenge on him.

Before her ex-boyfriend left he forgot to take her £ 150 ($ 193) four-piece suit with him and now she could do whatever she wanted with it. She was ready to burn it down but decided to give it a chance in the market!

This enraged woman posted the ad to sell this costume on Facebook. She wrote that she was ready to give this costume away for free and those interested can contact her. She uploaded the photos of the costume with a white shirt hanging with it.

Additionally, the woman mentioned that if no one would agree to take this, she would free herself from her burden by burning it and sending it to her new girlfriend’s mailbox.

His ad said, “Cost 150 pounds worn twice.” It’s free for anyone who wants it before I burn it down and post it through my cheating partners’ new birds gate [sic]. “


It seemed like the end of the costume was pretty near. She had decided to set it on fire if no one would take it home after posting the ad.

Facebook users stumbled across her post and seemed quite surprised by her idea and liked it. One person wrote: “Someone could get a job because of you! “

“Is there any fishing gear that you think is setting on fire?” Ask a friend, ”commented another.

She has set an example for anyone looking for ways to settle scores with their unfaithful partners. It’s a wild way to get revenge!

One can imagine what would be the reaction of her ex-boyfriend if this advertisement reached her!