Wife angry with husband for selling homemade lunch to buy fast food

The couple were considering buying a house together. They didn’t have enough money to buy one. So, the woman always tried to cut costs and all unnecessary expenses. She used to be very careful with her spending so that more and more money could be saved for them to buy the house. She prepared her husband’s lunch herself so that he could eat it at his workplace. She would cook lunch for him so that he wouldn’t spend money on eating out every day.

One day, her husband invites a friend of her, also her co-worker, to join them for dinner. When the two arrived home, they sat down at the dining table. The woman served them food and they all started to eat. Without knowing it, the husband’s colleague revealed a secret about him, which he was hiding from his wife. He introduced the subject of his sandwiches and appreciated how delicious they were. At the same time, he also complained about the very high price of the sandwiches. The husband’s wife was stunned after hearing it.

The packed lunches she prepared for her husband were sold by him at the workplace. Her husband’s colleagues bought them. The money earned from selling was then used by her husband to buy fast food instead. The woman was quite in shock and couldn’t stomach the fact that he was spending money on eating even though she was cooking him food. As decided earlier between them, they were saving money to buy a house. So upon hearing the script, the woman felt overwhelmed.

Since the wife was so serious about their savings and spending as little as possible just to buy the essentials, she felt betrayed when her husband’s secret was revealed! Her husband worked in an office and knowing that he usually bought fast food to eat during the day, she did some math to find out how much he was spending roughly. She calculated that the bill was still costing them over £ 200 a month. She was so distressed to imagine that such a sum was used simply to finance her lunches.

The wife shared the case on a social networking site. The majority supported the woman and criticized the act committed by her husband. One commented saying that her husband enjoys her kindness and her job. All her efforts to make lunch every day were sold! He kept it a secret because he knew very well that it was wrong! Another person said if he really wants to spend on fast food, let him make his own sandwiches to sell.

One person was so curious about the recipe for the sandwiches they were making because they were sold at a high price and people were actually buying them!