Tired farmer learned a lesson to fly a dump truck by throwing tires on his porch

Stuart Baldwin, a 56-year-old farmer, gave an astonishing example of revenge. It all started when he was assaulted by a tipper. And to say not just once or twice, but 25 times a year. If there had been someone else in Stuart’s place, harsh words could have been exchanged. But Stuart’s patience only set up this astonishing story of revenge. The need for revenge began when a dump truck, out of nowhere, dumped 421 tires on Stuart’s land.

Having faced this kind of situation 25 times before, Stuart thought about hunting down that dump body. So, he kept an eye on his farm through the CCTV cameras and guess what, in no time at all he was able to identify the person who had caused him so much trouble. Messing up with that dumpster wasn’t even on his mind in the first place. He gave her the benefit of the doubt by giving her 3 days to clear up the clutter.

But there was no movement of the tires even after the time limit expired. So the only option left for him was to take revenge for what had been done to him. With the help of his 25-year-old daughter, Megan, he was able to locate the dump truck via Facebook. And because this guy didn’t clean up his mess even after a warning, Stuart thought about giving it back to him. He used one of the trucks from his family’s recycling company SED Services Ltd. to bring all the tires home.

As soon as things got better, he and his friends finished the task by throwing the 421 tires outside the dumpster’s terraced house. Stuart received immense love and appreciation for his wise decision making not only in person but also online. All thanks to the viral video of his revenge. Well for the tipper, everyone would say that ‘as you sow, so will you reap’.