Tiktoker found typing code into Netflix opens all crime documentaries

We have our jurisdiction over our laptops and at our fingertips. We can scroll as much as we want. Therefore, finding what to watch and relax can take a long time sometimes. In the ocean of content available to Netflix, it’s becoming difficult to find a drop to drink. Nonetheless, codes that might sort genres for the user are a life hack for people who have spent most of their time on Netflix.

To make your life a little less vulnerable, Netflix provides you with the code to search for any genres you might like. It can split and categorize the movies or series you want to watch without much hassle.

A TikTok user named Laura shared a video on her channel about the code to look for when searching for crime documentaries. As the detective genre grows in popularity day by day, his video became a hit within minutes. It has gained thousands of likes and comments. This video of hers was a big help for people who didn’t know the codes. Now they can sort their favorite genres with just a few clicks.

On her channel, Laura explained that all a crime freak has to do is type 9875 into the Netflix and Walla search bar! Netflix will do all of the research and sort yours to make them your favorite movies and shows. Laura ended her video with the sassy line of “thanks later!” “


Not only police documentaries, but you can have a list of any genre on Netflix if they have the necessary code. From finding code 1365 for action and adventure to finding 5763 for dramas to 8711 for horror movies, you can have all of your listings in seconds. There are sub-codes available for each main code which would provide the user with many specifications.

For example, under the code Anime (7424) there are options like Adult Animation (11881), Action anime (2653), Anime comedies (9302). Likewise, there are over hundreds of codes available for movie or series names from A to Z.

The only downside to this essential hack is that we have to learn so much code. But then the notes are only there to fulfill that purpose. Just write down each code somewhere and use it whenever you want and relax in your comfort zone.