Teenager Tried to Eat 10,000 Calories and Was Labeled ‘Absolute Animal’

The teenager, Vinnie, is a 19-year-old gym enthusiast who was normally preoccupied with fitness. Most of the videos on her channel are related to fitness advice. He even shared the healthy recipes that one should eat to be healthy. His videos took a 360 degree turn when suddenly he decided to take on the 10,000 calorie challenge. Indeed, this video put his channel in the limelight.

The music video that garnered 570,000 likes began with Vinnie letting the audience know about the challenge he was about to take on. Before 7:20 a.m., he ate three hot rolls in addition to 200g of oats, M & Ms chocolate spread and drops of Hershey milk chocolate. All of these foods gave him 1,939 calories. This is the normal calorie intake that women are expected to take in a day for good health.

1,939 calories weren’t even close to completing the challenge. Therefore, he then headed over to McDonald’s and ordered two double sausages, Egg McMuffins, pancakes and sausage. The calories McDonald’s helped him gain were 1,785. It was only 10 a.m. and he had already taken in 3,724 calories. To cross the course, the whole day was ahead of him.

He then walked over to Tesco and got himself a bag of five white chocolate cookies that gave him 955 calories. Before lunch he started to feel a little unwell. However, he was determined to rise to the challenge, so he prepared a hearty lunch for himself. The lunch menu had nuggets and fries in Nando’s barbecue sauce which brought his calories to a total of 5,960. This had already exceeded the number of calories two people should have in a single day and that was too much. for Vinnie.

Things were going in his favor as he had almost half the day on hand to complete the challenge. After lunch, he copiously ate three Turkish delight bars and Galaxy truffles from an Easter egg to satisfy his sweet tooth. This gave an addition to the calorie count. But his determination didn’t allow him to stop there as he went to the nearest ice cream shop and got a Turkish Delight Ice Cream Jar and a Galaxy Easter Egg and finished them both.

Up to this time of day, he had already eaten food worth about 8,500 calories. For the best of his health, he decided to give up. He agreed that if he had eaten even one more spoon, he would have probably vomited. He accepted his defeat and allowed himself some rest.

There have been thousands of likes and hundreds of comments applauding Vinnie for taking up the challenge. Viewers were interested in how much weight Vinnie gained after taking in so many calories.

Vinnie’s weight was around 78 kilograms before the challenge and after two days of attempting he weighed 80.2 kilograms. The weight of the food he was eating was expected to come out automatically within a few days. It was indeed very cheeky of Vinnie that, being a fitness freak, he took the initiative to take on such a challenge.