Student captured teacher roasting work during online class

Some teachers prefer the future of their students to their shimmering image. They do not hesitate to reflect the weakness and failure of their students. Their honesty dominates their assessment and drives their students to improve their lot and skills. Thanks to their sincere efforts, they manage to stand out and stay in the time. A student took to TikTok to cherish the presence of such a kind teacher with his video.

With the pandemic bringing classrooms to homes, monotonous online courses have become a new normal. One of the students went through the ordeal. But thanks to his honest art teacher, he hasn’t lost his interest in it. Her teacher goes ahead to give sincere but fun feedback on homework and keep morale up.

Sharing his experience with the world, the student posted one of the clips from the virtual feedback session on TikTok. He titled the video “Watch my graphic design teacher roast our work”. Not only that, he also attributed his comments as the only reason he attended the class. Browsing through the video, the professor could be seen making some honest, harsh but hilarious comments about the works.


For example, he went ahead to rate one of the works as “boring, but it works”. Then the other job was “mostly look like an ass”. You could find him saying, “Oh Monica, no. Sorry. “Taking another job, he said that it” looks like the logo of a company that proudly pollutes the environment. “He also asked one of his students,” Regarding that, the question and why?”

Among other comments, he can be found saying, “It sort of looks like the personification of a fart.” He saw “it mostly looks like a spider that had its legs ripped off” when he stumbled upon another mission.

His hilarious remarks managed to ring hearts. The video received a heartwarming response and 13 million views. Social media users couldn’t help but appreciate the teacher’s effort to make honest remarks and keep his students in the know. Many amused souls came to express their point of view.

Taking this part, one of them commented, “I mean it’s tough, but it helps them improve tremendously AND it makes the class fun.” Another soul took the line and wrote, “I had a teacher like this. I’m not going to lie that my design skills have improved dramatically because of it.

One of the social media users expressed his hilarious sympathy for one of the students. Taking this part, they commented, “I still feel bad for Monica.” Apart from that, some souls suggested and asked her to extend her feedback process to her whole class. On that line one person wrote, “Please make this all of your content.” Thank you.”

The teacher therefore played his role well. He received positive comments for his approach and sincere remarks. Hopefully his honest way of evaluating reaches the world and inspires other people and facets of life.