Strangers Fake Proposal for Free Drinks, Leave Internet Divided

Two strangers did a crazy stunt to get free drinks. People had mixed opinions on the whole. While some think it’s a great idea, some have criticized outsiders for their idea. A video was shared on Reddit revealing the whole storyline. The video showed a man wearing a gray sweater and baseball cap getting down on one knee to ask the lady accompanying him.

The woman accepts the proposal and they both share a very romantic kiss and their friend is there to exaggerate them. Friends orchestrate the excitement with wild celebrations as other people in the bar stand up to cheer and cheer on the couple and their new phase of life. The bar staff also join them, offering them free drinks for an instant toast.

The twist in the idea is that the couple celebrating their proposal are strangers and made a bogus proposal to get some free drinks. And seeing everyone joining in their celebrations and the staff giving them free drinks shows that goodwill gestures have made staff members the victim of their underhanded plan.


The captions of the video revealed the whole bogus proposition. They read, “So we met this guy at Texas Live last night and planned a bogus proposal with him.” People we didn’t even know got so excited about it and made it so fun. And we had free drinks for the rest of the night. It was then shared on Reddit with a caption that read “Two people rigged a marriage proposal and got free drinks,” but other viewers disagreed that it was “trash” and instead called it a “professional gesture”.

People had mixed opinions and one person said, “If anything, they made the night more fun for everyone out there!” While many others praised the idea and wrote, “Okay, it’s sort of 200 IQ.” Third replied, “I’ve been with people who have done this. It’s fun and harmless, not trashy. And another added: “Trash? More like a good job, who likes to pay for overpriced drinks under paid lol. Fear of critics surely didn’t stop foreigners from putting their crazy idea into action and enjoying their fun night out with free drinks.