Starbucks Barista met the picky customer whose online ordering he exposed

The full order consisted of 13 ingredients, which really annoyed poor Josie who was in charge of setting everything up. Josie was so irritated by the client’s requests that he posted a snapshot of it on Twitter.

Uploading the photo, he said that was one of the reasons he wanted to quit his job. Well, his wish to quit his job came true when he was fired for violating Starbucks social media policy. Speaking of which, Josie said he didn’t find any issues with what he did, so he wouldn’t want to go back and change it.

He told the program he felt like it blew the lid off how insane the controls could be. when Edward was asked if he felt a bit of a fool asking for such a complicated order, he said he didn’t consider himself a fool, especially when he was giving a good tip. He typically tipped $ 5, which he said was probably close to 30%.


He also said he was never unhappy with his order. He didn’t see why he would order a drink like this again. He just ordered a drink like that the day before.

Fortunately, the two managed to get rid of it when they met outside the cafe again. If anyone is interested in knowing Edward’s full order, here it is:

Vt Crml Crunch Frap
5 bananas
Ex caramel drizzle
Extra whisk
Extra ice
Ex Cinn Dol Haut
7 pumps Add Dk Crml Sauce
Ex Crunchy Caramel
1 pump of honey mixture
Ex Sltd Bm Btr
5 Frap RstCof pumps
7 Add Frapp crisps
Heavy cream
Double mix

When the order was shared on social media, thousands of people gathered in the comments section, many seeing where Josie was coming from. One user said he didn’t even know half of the ingredients mentioned in his order. He worked there 10 years ago when there weren’t a lot of options.