Mom went on cleaning strike after family pushed her too far

The woman, named Miss Potkin, posted her plan on Twitter. She said that two days ago she decided to stop doing the dishes. She realized while cooking dinner that she was exhausted from doing all the work herself. Since then the heap has arisen and soon they will be done with the unused spoons, cups and plates. She further asked who would be the first to drop out. She was sure she wouldn’t be the right one.

This was how you were supposed to fight your own battle. On day three, Miss Potkin revealed that her family had already used the last large bowl and spoons, but they were too stubborn to say a word or even think about touching the dishwasher.

However, later that day she achieved one of her goals – a family member unloaded the trash. Unfortunately, the progress was only short-lived, as her husband was later seen brewing a cup of tea using the ‘baby weaning spoon and emergency cup’.

Then Miss Potkin began to observe the laundry. She shared the photos of various piles of unwashed clothes that had started to pile up in her house. She said it was getting a little post-apocalyptic. The batteries were everywhere. Anyone who has stayed in university halls of residence or in any type of shared apartment, would be able to imagine the scene; the ultimate dead end.

There was a pot on the stove with a single sausage in it. He’s been there for two days. She couldn’t even look at it because it was the color of the man washing in the Cast Away. The last toilet paper in the downstairs bathroom was used up at 7:04 p.m. last night. He has not been replaced since that time. The downstairs bathroom was broken for anyone who remembered it.

After a few days it seemed like there was no more hope, especially when she found out that several empty shampoo bottles were still placed on the shelf next to the tub. But that all started to change a bit when a family member found it difficult to remove several day cereals from the bowl and put them in the trash.

After trying too hard to clean the bowl, her family members finally got a bit of intelligence and started loading the dishwasher.