Man wrapped car in black plastic after finding it parked in his space

And what could he be thinking? Just wrap the vehicle in black plastic. Recently, when he had this problem, he considered taking responsibility for helping people understand. Mostly, it was pretty hilarious. So he took the plastic and wrapped it all around a blue Vauxhall Corsa. After the art, it looked like it was covered with hundreds of trash bags.

Bailey said, “I live on a street with 26 houses and 24 parking spaces. Mrs and I spent around £ 2000 putting up a lowered sidewalk last year and clear signs telling people not to park there, but people still do it all the time. At least two or three times a week, an idiot blocks us. And the end result came when he came back once only to see his space grabbed by the other vehicle.

While this made him see red, he didn’t start quickly with the wrapping part and instead put a note on the windshield. He figured it was a better way to get the owner to understand his problem. Now he was just waiting for the owner to return while enjoying his can of beer on the balcony. He even went to dinner and was able to see the car in the same place when he got back.

It was high time for Bailey. He added, “I had just got a load of pallet wrapping and thought ‘good’ and rolled it up on the car. The owner quickly walked out after that. The owner was actually a young lady who found it funny too. She apologized and said she would never park there again. Although Bailey did so after several attempts to make it clear, he informed that the prank was not meant to harm anyone.

It was just his way of making his point in a different but fun way. It just took him a few minutes to unpack the vehicle. Plus, it also helped keep the vehicle cleaner. Surprisingly, this is not the only incident where Tobe has had to deal with such a problem. The last time he jacked the car up and the owner couldn’t move it without his help. Tobe said: “When he came back he got in the car and started it, but of course he couldn’t drive anywhere. He must have knocked on my door and finally apologized. He never parked there again.