Man takes revenge on ex by selling fake handbag with wild description

One of the millennial ways of dealing with a breakup is to post about it on social media in some indirect way (some might prefer a brutal direct, too!). People are letting off steam on their social media profiles to feel lighter and we think that works for a lot.

An Australian chose Facebook to share his feelings after the breakup, but not in a conventional way. He grabbed his ex-girlfriend’s fake Jimmy Choo handbag and posted a group buy, trade and sell ad on the platform.

Now, in addition to describing the details of the bag, this ad had some serious similarities between this bag and its ex-partner.

The guy posted the bag’s selling price at just $ 20. He followed him with “informative” statements describing the handbag and its former partner.

The message read, “I’m selling my ex-girlfriend’s fake Jimmy Choo handbag. It fit her fake and leathery character pretty well with her excessive tan and surgically enhanced breasts.

“At first glance, they both looked like the real deal, but once you look closely it becomes apparent that there were some features that weren’t that nice, and bits that weren’t everything. in the right place and a strange smell (GF, not the bag, it smells good), ”he added.


He didn’t stop there and had a few more things to add before he felt relieved. “The bag is empty, as is his soul,” he said. He wrote that this is a “cheap knockoff” that one is stuck with.

Her hilarious and savage post went viral and wowed people. We appreciated the man by writing: “Awesome! Lots more real “bags” out there. “

“I think you are also kind of like the bag – you are blue, but you have control over it,” reads another comment.

A third wrote: “This is the best thing I read all week!

The man sold the bag in no time. Also, he gave people a reason to laugh out loud with his witty post.

However, one person had a different opinion on this and found it a bit too much. “Stop buying cheap gifts for your daughter, what do you expect,” this person commented.

The guy responded by enlightening the person that his ex-girlfriend came into his life with the “baggage” of his past relationship.

It seems people are mixing their sense of humor with their anger and showcasing it on social media. This guy won $ 20 and got his revenge – all at the same time!