Man quit his job at family chip shop to become a poker player

Lukas Robinson of Liverpool is the hero here who has taken a big step towards fulfilling his dream he had always dreamed of since he was 11 when, in the years to come, he saw himself at Viva Las Vegas, celebrating his 21st birthday. as a poker player. At the age of 23, he had won his biggest jackpot as a professional poker player. Lukas went viral in the online poker community after reporting his biggest win to date of $ 3,700 on his online channel, which left him in tears.

He said investing so much in a chain was the biggest decision of his life. Being financially unstable and unemployed, he was reluctant because it was his only chance. Now, because of such a big win, more and more people were eager to broadcast his video which barely had 3 viewers. The risk he took of leaving his family’s fish and chips chop shop and becoming a full-time poker player was now out of his hands. Inspiration was drawn from the men in his household who frequently played poker.

At the age of 18 his father and uncle took him to his very first live tournament and since then he was addicted to poker and knew what he was going to pursue. Regardless of the fact that he was working full time, he still managed to make time to play poker, streaming from 6pm until late at night. Sometimes even until 4 a.m. when he had to leave for work at 9 a.m. Being able to handle two things was becoming difficult for him, but he still managed to pull through.

Sometimes while playing the game, he even showed up late for work and had to rush straight to his workplace. It all had an impact on his life in general. He hardly used to give time to his family and friends as he was exhausted after a long busy day. But deep down he knew this was what he had always wanted and had to work hard to achieve his life goals. So, he finally planned to quit his job and decided to focus on his game.

In 2018, another poker streamer broadcast a record 1,000 hours of streaming poker over a span of 125 days, attracting over 8,000 Poker Stars subscribers and sponsors. And Lukas decided to break this record. By the end of 2020, he was able to hit half that score with plans to score 1,000 hours in 100 days with 10 hours each. Last but not the least, now he is apparently working with the best poker coach to build his game and aims to become the greatest player in the UK.