Man has failed his driving theory test 192 times

The man is 50 years old. This anonymous Piotrków Trybunalski has been trying to pass the theory test for 17 years. This man was way beyond the limits. A few more times and there, it will hit double a century of attempts.

Poland, like the UK, has not set a limit on the number of attempts a man can take a test. “You can try until the moment you consider yourself capable.” There is only one mandatory law and that is that you have to pass two tests in total to get your license. The first is a theoretical test and the second is a practical test. On top of that, there is a small amount the company charges for each test you take.

The tests are specific and strict. This is the reason why there is so less percentage of people who pass the test. Only 50 to 60% of people are able to pass the knowledge test. However, the percentage of people passing the practical exam is even lower since it represents 40% of the total population.

It hurts that the man lost his 17 years after a license that is still out of his reach. However, it hurts even more to know that he also lost around 6,000 zloty, or around £ 1,124. Money and time are two of the most precious things in someone’s life and this man has lost them both. All for nothing.

On a lighter area he did indeed win something – “the title of being the worst driver”. However, he was not just an epic example in the history of the Provincial Road Traffic Center (WORD). It took about 40 times for a man to pass it. This makes him the second worst driver in academy history.

So, we can tell how long it takes; the academy is very focused on its people test standard. Issuing a license without successfully passing the test is a big no for applicants. You can either be perfect or say goodbye to your license.

42-year-old Brit from the UK finally got his license on his 158th attempt. He spent almost £ 3,600 on his trip to pass the theory test on his own. The second worst driver in the UK was the woman who made 72 attempts to pass the knowledge test. There was also an example where a man made 72 attempts to successfully practice.

There are huge examples of where someone went out of their way just to get something. No doubt their efforts were overwhelming, but the amount they spent in the process made us wonder if the effort was worth it. As they say, stop before it’s too late. They even accepted that they should have given up before they lost so much money.