Man found out his school photo had been a meme for years

Apparently, the image of Adrian in class three – which equates to fourth grade in the UK – had been used in many memes. In the memes, he was called “Grayson”. The page on Instagram that made him famous was known as “teenagestepdad”. This page had been using his photos since 2017.

He first slipped into Grayson on Instagram as he watched the stories. During this time, he saw his photo appear on the screen out of nowhere. It was honestly such an odd encounter for him to unexpectedly see a disconnected version of himself in public that was being laughed at.

In 2008, Adrian was living in North Carolina when he posted the image to a Tumblr blog titled “We Have Lasers !!!!!!!!!!!” He revealed on Twitter that the only place this photo remained was on a wall near his grandmother’s backdoor.

Adrian added that he remembered his pride after clicking on the photo as he managed to find a top that went with the background, which he paid an extra $ 2 for. He said the smirk in the photo is an indication of self-righteousness.

Speaking about how he felt after making the discovery, the research biologist said he could have criticized them for using his photo without asking his permission and could ask them to remove any memes with his face or he might even ask them to give him all of their profits, but he ended up owning it.

Adrian shared all about it on Twitter. He tweeted that the photo of his grade 3 version, 8, had been a meme for YEARS! He was even more surprised when he learned that there were goods with his face on it. The Internet can sometimes be worrying.

One meme said Grayson had converted to Chia Pet, while another said: “Like this image of Grayson revoking his computing privileges. From that point on he was in contact with the creator. original who offered to shut down the character, but Adrian said he would have no problem if he continued to use it.