Guinness World Record Holder for Longest Fingernails Cut Them

Ayanna Williams, Guinness World Record Holder for Longest Nails in the World at 733.55cm, has been growing her nails for 30 years now. And is finally ready to cut her nails. She’s ready to let go of her long nails and live in a more practical way but believes that she is still the queen with or without her claws.

Since she started growing her fingernails, she couldn’t do her daily chores on her own. Ayanna shared that things like doing the dishes, changing her sheets, cutting and all kinds of daily chores she couldn’t do because of her long fingernails. And now she has decided to change that by cutting her long fingernails and starting a new practical life.

Although she will miss them during a conversation with Guinness, she shared that “I’ve been growing my nails for a few decades now. I am so, so ready for a new life. I know I will miss them, but that’s around the time – it’s time for them to go. With my movements, I have to be very, very careful.

Additionally, she shared, “So usually in my mind I’m already preparing for the next step I need to take to make sure I don’t hurt my nails – or break them. I’m excited to cut my nails because I can’t wait for a new start. With or without my nails, I will always be the queen. My nails don’t do me, I do my nails!

She even shared that before she cut her nails, she would need three to four bottles of polish to paint her nails each time. It would take her so long that she had to divide the nail painting into days. And now that she decided to cut her nails, the story would be different. And after cutting her nails, they will be on display at the Believe It or Not Museum in Florida.

But there’s a twist here, while she knows the overall movement and routine would be a lot easier now, she still hasn’t ruled out overtaking them in the future. She received her title of longest nail in the world in 2017 after winning the title from Lee Redmond. She started growing her fingernails in 1979 and they are now a total of 8.65m long. She explained how she would dip them in olive oil every day and polish them so they can stay strong and strengthened.

She shared, “It was just a challenge for me to see how far they would go before they started to warp. I kept setting dates and dates when I was going to cut them and I just couldn’t. not do it. It’s weird how they are a part of you. I think my fingernails defined me for a lot of people, I was known as the lady of the nails but for me I should explain to them that there has more for me.

Many others are struggling to grow their fingernails, just like Ayanna Williams, like Lee, from Salt Lake City in the US, but she was in a car accident and her seat was changed. It’s a fight and you have to be very careful.