Fake man repeatedly offers his fiancé to have fun at Disneyland

It is a special moment when you receive a proposal and that too at Disneyland which is packed with people. You get all the attention and love. And that also when it’s before the pandemic and Disneyland is packed with people. A man decided to propose his significant other on a wooden bridge over one of the lakes in the park. But here’s the interesting twist. And the twist is that they’re already engaged. It was all a joke just to embarrass her future fiancé knowing that she “hates a scene”.

TikTok user @Kelly_kir shared a video where his partner jokingly embarrasses him by pretending to propose to him at Disneyland. Her husband knows she doesn’t like attention and as a joke a fake offered to her several times while kneeling at Disneyland. After she stepped away from the wooden bridge proposal, he again knelt in front of the iconic castle at night, saying “Kelly, I’ve waited all my life for this.”

And it wasn’t just all around Disneyland where people were waiting in line or in restaurants, he got down on his knees and gave her the wrong offer. She was frustrated with his proposals because she hates doing a scene and later found out that he did it on purpose and that there was her friend with a camera recording everything.


She said, “My husband made me the wrong proposition all over Disney World because he knows I hate a scene. We were already engaged so he knew he could get away with it. We are going back in June, wish me luck. The video has been viewed over 4.4 million times and garnered a lot of attention.

One man wrote: “Imagine the people around you who think she doesn’t want to marry him lol. And that’s a good question. Another wrote: When he started doing it online where you couldn’t run away. Another comment read, “When he started jingling the glass to get more attention, I couldn’t.” And another added, “The laughing friend who does the recording has it for me.”

Many even asked her how he proposed to her and she said the way she wanted him to, he proposed just the right way. She wrote, “He moved into our house with just us and the dog!” Exactly what I would have liked. It was for his amusement. Well, you could say he had some fun the hard way.