Dad’s extraordinary crispy sandwiches have gone viral on the internet

Ben Taylorson was a 40-year-old man who lived in Middlesbrough. During the lockdown in February, Ben invented a number of unusual sandwich combinations. It all started when one night Ben was not feeling well. He was a little depressed so he got up and made a sandwich with cheese Wotsits. His mate joined him, pretending it wasn’t a crispy sandwich. Defiantly, Ben thought he would make another crispy sandwich the next day. It was out of boredom and he was doing it just for fun.

Hearing his challenge, other people joined him and asked him to make an amazing sandwich every day. Some people found some of the sandwiches disgusting while some were still on board with it. Her two children, Daniel and Phoebe, are teenagers and they felt quite obnoxious about the idea of ​​crispy sandwiches. Ben said it was all done for fun. He was not at all serious in trying out strange combinations. He thinks it was important to remain distracted during times of confinement.

Doing something fun and crazy was all he wanted to say. After all, it’s just a smile that should stay on everyone’s face. Before embarking on such a challenge, Ben had about sixty users who informed him on the Internet. After posting such content daily, it gained 300 new subscribers! He named the challenge #crispfebruarychallenge. He began to call himself “the noted innovator in crispy sandwich”. He made a Valentine-style open-top sandwich that contained heart-shaped Hula Hoops, mashed tomatoes, and Emmental.

He made a number of combinations, the most popular of which consisted of Tesco onion rings, cream cheese, and plucked onions. Some of his other sandwich creations included Snackrite Shrimp Crackers with a hard-boiled egg and sweet chili sauce, McCoy’s Salt and Vinegar Crisps with Cream Cheese and Anchovies, Pringles, Cream Cheese, olives and sundried tomatoes, savory McCoy’s chips with jam and feta cheese, Skips, grated cheese and tomato ketchup, Walkers poppadom with mango chutney and the list goes on and on.

Ben’s favorite crispy sandwich was the one that featured beef-flavored Space Raiders with chili peppers, sweet chili sauce and sour cream. According to him, a crispy sandwich should always be made with white bread because it is the best. White bread is the best way to go for the sandwich, he suggested. Ben tried different chips and sauces every day and came up with a completely different sandwich. He said he didn’t show loyalty to any brand. He was just trying to bring back childhood favorites like Space Raiders and Monster Munch. Many combinations were pretty good according to him.

Ben continued to make crispy sandwiches until the end of February.