Dad gives son witty but familiar birthday card he kept for 28 years

Not so long ago, birthday cards carried a special message for our loved ones. Gradually, in the midst of gifts, extravagant cakes and decorations, they lost their essence.

Now the focus remains on gifts and other elaborate surprises while birthday cards are put aside and forgotten. But those old enough to know the meaning of these cards have probably put together a few to remind them of the good old days.

A father had a bunch of his 42nd birthday cards. While browsing this collection, he came across the one given to him by his son, Rob Witt. He saw the card at the right time and knew what he wanted to do with it.

Rob’s dad had kept the birthday cards in a box for 28 years and now he had discovered one that could be used for an incredible plan.

It was Rob Witt’s 42nd birthday and his father used his sarcasm skills to present him the same card but with a twist of his own!

Rob, 14, had given this card to his father when he was 42 and it was like, “Hey, EVERYBODY! He is 42 years old! Of course… we won’t draw attention to it, will we? Happy 42nd Birthday Daddy, from Robbie.

28 years later, when Rob was 42, he was given the same card. He was like, “I guess if you wait long enough, what’s going to happen will come!”

Rob posted all the spiritual thought on Twitter and it amused people to the point that his post went viral. “Fair play to my dad in sending me the sarky card I made for his 42nd birthday, an amazing commitment to karmic justice,” he wrote in the caption.

“OK, full disclosure: I just hung up with my mom and the card was in a box in the loft they recently opened. My dad hasn’t * planned this in years! However, he is, as many people have observed, a good father, ”he later said.

People have retweeted it thousands of times and it has received over 67,000 likes. It was a hysterical story and everyone had a good laugh after reading it.

One of them commented, “Can you imagine him chuckling softly from time to time, FOR DECADES, in anticipation of what he was going to do?” “

Another person revealed everything she gave her dad on his 50th birthday, including wigs, a cane and all kinds of weird stuff. “I am 48 years old now and I am getting more and more nervous …”, they added.

“It’s first daddy,” one person replied.