Cycle Thief leaves behind a brutal message after stealing

With calls to go green enveloping the world, the number of cyclists has increased around the world. But the revival of the cycling trend has also opened up another area for thieves to try out. Thus, bicycle theft is on the rise in countries that support and promote cycling. Recently, the country of Smithfield in Dublin has witnessed one of the most notorious activities, but in a hilarious way.

The passer-by from Smithfield (Dublin) noticed a white sheet running down the railing to broadcast a bone tickling message. The orange words on the sheet made them laugh out loud. The note stood there to pull a crazy bike out of the covers.

The author of the note claimed to have stolen the “gray” bicycle because it belonged to him. Not only that, the witty person ended the note by teasing the person who had locked her there.

The passerby captured the note and shared it on social media platforms. It raged and gained popularity in the Twitter and Reddit world.

You can see the hand-made note saying, “If you’re looking for the gray bike – I stole it – it was mine.” Photos and serial number to prove! Never mind ! Ha ha loser!

Some social media users couldn’t help but hire a way to pick up their bikes. They appreciated the desire to do so to take things in hand. They found the tit-for-tat treatment appropriate and deserving for the bike thief.

Sharing the joy, one of them posted the photo and commented: “Hello to that Smithfield sign and this sign only!”

Another joined the choir and said, “Good! “

A soul cherished him deeply and replied: “The sweet taste of justice”.

But there have been many souls who have felt it to be faulty. It was not clear whether the person who locked the bike was the real thief or not. There was also a chance that the person bought the bike from the thief. The person may have no idea that they bought a stolen bicycle.

So, they found it unfair for the person to take the bike back.

Cementing the case against the act, one of them came forward to say, “I was gutted when my bike was stolen, but I don’t know if I would do that. It’s almost certain that bike thieves don’t lock up the bikes they steal, they resell them. Maybe I would, but I wouldn’t put on the ‘ha ha’. I think we keep recycling stolen bikes!

Another joined us and commented, “What if the person really thinks they are buying a bike from the owner? Now they feel the same. I should have waited for them to come back for that.

Thus, the act garnered a mixed number of responses from the social media world. It has developed fertile ground to tip the issue on both sides and rage a debate among souls responding to the episode.

Either way, the people of Dublin were cherishing the day of the bike!