A woman took revenge on her husband to get engaged to another woman

Relationships are built on the pillars of trust and love. Souls see their world crumble when one of them loses the strength to hold on and collapses. Moments of shocking achievement imbue us with pain and sorrow. Hard work often ends up igniting waves of vengeance within broken hearts. A woman named Mel has taken the same path to soothe her aching soul.

Mel and her husband Marty were happy with their love life. The married couple cherished the beautiful moments of togetherness when Marty got a raise. He began to travel abroad who dug their throats between love birds.

Mel started to see the gap widening between them as Marty would either stay out of the house most of the time or avoid him at home citing the pressures of work. He would keep his head tucked into his laptop when he was home. One day he fell asleep with his laptop still on. Mel walked in to turn it off when her eyes fell on a disturbing message on the screen.

He said, “I miss you, hurry back. xxx “. She grabbed it and investigated the matter. She received a stain from the blues when she learned of his extramarital affair through the messages. Not only that, he was also ready to engage the woman The thunder clap crossed her.

But she decided to hold back her nerves and get revenge.

She put it down quietly. Mel fired Marty for his other business trip a week later. Then she contacted a real estate agent and put the house up for sale at a low price. She pursued her plan without any bottlenecks. The couple had reserved the house in their name to take advantage of the tax benefits. Thus, she managed to move forward without leaving a trace for her disloyal husband.

To his delight, a young couple came to close the deal. She opened an account to receive half of the proceeds from the sale.

The remaining half was to be paid into their joint bank account. He did so (after six weeks) before the day her husband was due to land at the house.

Sharing his revenge, Mel said, “When I smiled at him and kissed him goodbye a week later, as he left on another long stay abroad, I knew what I was going to do. On the day he left, I contacted a real estate agent and told him that I wanted to sell my house quickly – at a price well below market value to ensure an immediate sale ”.

Attacking her husband, she shared, “I wasn’t there to see what happened when he came home to find strangers living in his house – I was on a cruise with my girlfriends. . But I imagine he was quite surprised that his beloved house now belonged to Josh and Tamara – and they had the papers to prove it ”.

According to her, “He has since moved to Canada to be with his girlfriend full time. He hasn’t contacted me yet to ask for a divorce. I say bring it ”.